What is a pigeon needle strip?

Pigeons are able to roost in many places, and there are more than 300 species of pigeons that can roost on porches or roofs. The pigeons can carry ticks, fleas, mites and other diseases. Their droppings contain acid which can erode car paint, statues or concrete. Nests which pigeons create may clog up a drain pipe, and the most important thing to remove the pigeons is to learn how to do it in a humane and safe manner.

Using plastic spike strips makes it hard for a pigeon to land on a spot. Such strips are easy to install and they are flexible, which means that they can be mounted at every surface. The strips may be bought from different home improvement stores and can be tied down using zip ties or glue. There are people who say that using these strips is unsightly, but they can be installed in a location which is not that easy to see from the ground.

The anti-roosting spikes are known to be the most efficient and the most cost-effective method that is used for a pigeon exclusive device that is available for the pest control marketplace. There are many independent experts who believe that a pigeon spike is the only anti-roosting material available which is known to be 100 percent effective as long as it has been installed according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. The best part about using these spikes is that they are easily installed by anyone and can be installed in most places on the building.

The pigeon needle strips can be used as a method of deterring most species of wild birds, but they are usually installed to help with pigeon control. The needle strips are not visible when they have been installed correctly, and they may be used in cases where aesthetics is the primary consideration. This provides the property owner low visibility as well as effective and neat control. The places where the needle strips may be used are on the eaves, chimneys, awnings, cabling, statues, pipes, roofs, louvers and gutters. The needles may be installed on most surfaces and on any material like brick, masonry, plastic, wood, metal and glass.

The reason why many people choose to use the pigeon spikes is that they are humane and non-lethal, contrary to their counterparts. These spikes are recommended by many people as the most humane and effective way to prevent the pigeons from roosting at any place. The pigeons are known to keep away from any building that is protected by the needle strips.

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