How to find and remove dead pigeon

Pigeons are always near human property in a search for food, location for nesting and shelter, and it is no wonder that you will find them in your attic, on the patio, in a garage, on a balcony or in a chimney (if you have uncapped chimney)-and in some cases, these little pests could be dead and you will need to find and remove them before they start decomposing and stinking to hell.

In order to locate and discover dead pigeon, first thing you can do is to use your nose. Move slowly through rooms, near the walls, windows and doors and then move from house to garage, to balcony and attic as well. It is very likely that you will sniff your way to dead pigeon. Smell of dead pigeon can go from very light to very intensive and this will depend on just how long bird has been dead.

If you have dead pigeon stuck somewhere in your home for several days, you will smell it really bad-and this will make your task of locating it easier.

After you have located dead bird, it is time to remove it. It is recommended that you wear protective equipment when you go to remove it, just to make sure that you will not catch some infection. Wear gloves and overall suit, and rubber boots, just to be on a safe side. It also might be good to wear a mask across your nose and mouth to prevent inhaling dried poop or blood. Mask will also help a bit with the smell, especially if you have to remove decomposing body.

Remove dead pigeon, place it in a garbage bag, safely close it and throw away. After you do this, clean up entire surface in order to sanitize and disinfect entire space so that remaining viruses and bacteria are removed. After you have cleaned larger parts you should spray disinfectant solution over the larger area where you found the bird and then safely brush it all off. Using disinfectants and soap detergents will enable you to remove all the traces of possibly contagious materials and also remove unpleasant smell.

If you are not sure on whether you can perform all of these nasty parts of the removal task, it might be a good idea to contact professionals who can remove dead pigeon and clean your home for you.

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