How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove pigeons without trapping them

It is possible to exclude animals from the attic using a one-way funnel, and there is no need to trap them. It is a method that has been proven to work in all animal situations, including with opossum, birds, rats and raccoons. Instead of having to trap the pigeons and worry about where you will take them, you can exclude them using a one way funnel. The excluding system is based on one principle. The pigeon will enter and go out of the attic and they will come back after getting the food and water outside but will be unable to re-enter. The first step is to identify the entry holes and to check which one is the main entry hole. You can then mount the special one-way funnel on it. With the funnel, the animals will go out but they will not be able to come back in. For the success of this system, you have to make sure first that when the animals go out, they are not able to get in the house once again. The home should be sturdy without any vulnerable place. You should also do this only if there are not babies inside. A mother will do everything possible to get its babies back.

Using one way exclusion is an easy way to get rid of the pigeon without making them leave the area where they know. They can continue to live in their native area but not in your attic. It is also easy for you since you will not have to deal with the pigeons in the cage or the relocation process. The only thing is to ensure that you do the exclusion in the right situations and make sure that there is no other way that the pigeons will get back in the attic.

The one way funnels are made so that they will look like a normal funnel. They are made using mesh wire or holes and they are not that large, so the pigeon will be able to go out but are not able to enter in the other end. The first entry is big enough to let the pigeon enter into it, and the other one is small enough so that the pigeon cannot pass through it from the outside.

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