Will a pigeon in the attic have a nest of babies?

Pigeons are also known as rock doves and they are common birds that are found around the entire world. In one or two weeks after the mating of the pigeon, a pigeon lays one or sometime two eggs. In two weeks, a pigeon egg hatches and a mother stays with the baby to guard this nest. A male pigeon gets the nesting material in this period, and after a month the babies will go away from their nest so that the new cycle can start again.

Pigeons live in monogamous unions, and this means that they have only one mate. The seasons when pigeons are the most productive are the fall and spring, and they can be productive any time of the day.

If you have a pigeon in your attic, you should wait up to the time that the babies grow and can leave on their own. You can remove the babies to relocate them, but you will risk separating them from their parents since they may not recognize them if you put them in a new place. When the babies have moved with their parents, then you should block the holes and clean the attic.

If you suspect that pigeons may be living in your home, you should look for their nests in the attic, steeple and loft. The nests are normally made using sticks, grass or twigs. Any area where a pigeon can find water and shelter may become its new home. Pigeons like to live at heights, and this is why they like to live in attics and on the top of buildings. Besides attics, they can live in soffit areas and ledges.

If you find out that the pigeons have babies in your attic, you can call a professional to help in removing them. Pigeon droppings are known to be horrible for buildings, cars or benches. They will deteriorate where they touch and pigeon dung can even burn the lawn. In a few months two pigeons will become six, and in one year some of the babies will have their own babies and you will have a colony in your home.

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