Do mothballs or ammonia help repel pigeons?

Pigeons are a classic city bird species. They have the habit of roosting on or even in a building, and they make a mess because of the nesting materials, feathers, and droppings. They are most of the time known as pests, and they should be removed because of how they spread diseases and destroy property.

There are many ways to drive the pigeons away and prevent the pigeons from roosting or landing on roofs or windowsills of buildings. One of these methods is using a device or substance to drive these pigeons away. These products are not the same in effectiveness and some people may move from one type of product to others while trying to deal with these pigeon problems.

Many people have tried using chemicals in order to keep the birds away, and there are some different chemicals available like ammonia and mothballs, but they do not work even when they are put on the windowsill or roof. Another method is using a repellent gel applied with a caulking gun or using a substance with polybutene active ingredients.

The problem with ammonia and mothballs is that the birds do not find the repellent so unpleasant or irritating that they will decide to go to another place. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that the birds decide to come to your place simply because there is a food source or roosting spot. If these attractions are better than the discomfort caused by ammonia or mothballs, then the pigeons will not decide to go away. In some situations, these repellents may work on some types of birds but not with others.

There are some other methods that you may use in order to deal with the pigeons that are effective and more reliable than using repellents. Even though substances and chemicals may be used as repellents, using the physical repellents like bird spikes may prevent the birds from landing in the first place. It is also good to install a layer of anti-bird netting around the roof or in rafters of the large buildings or even over crops if the birds create a big problem. Even if the birds can try to get to the place where they may lead to a problem, a good net may help to keep them away and prevent them from causing such a problem.

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