How to get pigeons out of the attic

Pigeons are normally urban birds and they like to make a nest or roost in buildings and sometimes in attics. They are able to enter into a small opening for both commercial buildings and houses. They like to be in a safe and warm space. The right approach is to set up a one-way exclusion door which allows the pigeon to go out but not come back inside. If there are small pigeons or eggs, they should be removed by hand.

If the pigeons have turned your attic into their home, the most effective and safest way to deal with them is to call the animal control companies so that they can do the job in your place. The reason is that removing the pigeon requires expertise. Before you remove the pigeon, you will need to wear protective gear like a nose mask, coveralls and rubber gloves. The pigeons may transfer different diseases through contact with the feces or bodies or by touching their nests.

- You may try out a one way door to remove the pigeons. Sometimes you may have to remove the birds physically.

- You can also try to kill the pigeons in the attic by poisoning them. There are different poisons like thallium, antifreeze and avitrol you can use, among others. However, this is an inhumane way to kill the pigeon, and sometimes it is not an effective way to deal with the pigeons in your attic. If they die in your attic, you will have the task of getting these dead pigeons out of the attic.

- You can also use repellents meant to chase the pigeons out of the attic, but they do not work mostly. The reason is that pigeons are intelligent and they can evade the repellent easily. Popular repellents are sound emitters, gel repellents, fake owls and pigeon spikes.

- If you are in the area with a pigeon infestation, exclusion is the right way to go. You should proof the attic so that the pigeons will not be able to enter it in the first place.

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