Should I feed Pigeons?

Pigeons are omnivorous birds, which mean that they will eat almost anything edible. They primarily consume seeds and grains, but they will also consume insects and worms, tiny reptiles, rodents (mice and smaller rats) butterflies, etc. Basically, they will eat anything they find edible.

Answer to question whether pigeon feeding is recommended depends on whether bird in question is domestic or wild. Domestic pigeons are pigeons that have owners that can even be considered pets, so their feeding is acceptable and even recommended in pre-determined areas. However, when it comes to wild birds, feeding is highly discouraged. If you ever feed wild pigeon, this feeding will quickly get out of hand-feeding of 1-2 birds will quickly increase to feeding of entire flock that will grow to enormous extent in no time.

Feeding pigeons can cause significant problems. Pigeons are considered pests because they can cause lots of damage to your property. Attracted for food you provided, they will come back in search of food day after day; they will also bring company (pigeons are family birds and bond with one partner for life) and you will also experience pigeon nesting. All in all, feeding of one pigeon can turn up to be extremely wrong choice. Pigeons’ poop is very acidic in nature and can break through concrete and cause damage to metal. There were recorded cases where pigeon poop was the reason for roof collapsing, so you can get the idea of extent of damage pigeons can cause to your property.

Instead of feeding pigeons, you should consider restrictive measures to disable their access to your property. Consider installing safety nests and metal anti-roosting spikes. These will prevent them from attaching onto balcony and patio rails that are particularly attractive for pigeons. Pigeons fear owls. Getting a fake owl and placing it on some visible location on balcony or patio will also be a great discouraging factor for pigeons to invade your property and cause damage.

Basically, what is important in this matter is to remember that feeding of pigeons is a big no-no, and only exception can be made for domestic pigeons. You can recognize those with the ring they have on the leg. Aside from domestic pigeons, simply avoid feeding pigeons because this will have large negative consequences for your home. Damage pigeons can cause to your property in a very short period of time can be measured in thousands of dollars.

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