How to get pigeons out of a wall

Pigeons are majestic creatures, but they may drive a person crazy when they destroy their garden, damage their home or leave corrosive droppings around. There are many people who may decide to kill the birds, but there are better ways to get rid of the pigeons without killing them.

If you want to keep the birds away, you should know what attracts the birds in the first place. It is easy to remove the birds and keep them away when you have figured out why they like your property. There are many things that you can do to make your home inhospitable to the pesky birds.

When a bird gets stuck in a cavity found between the plaster boards and the wall brick, you will hear it clearly during the day. It can be really annoying because of all the noise that will be made. You should learn how it got inside to avoid the future cases, and you should know how you can get it out. Letting it starve to death is not a humane option. If you do not know what to do on your own, you can call an animal removal company so that they can send a person to help you get the pigeon out. If you leave it to die there, you should know that the smell you get from the dead pigeon can be worse than trying to get it out when it is still alive. You may pinpoint the place where it is and then cut a hole there to get the pigeon out. You could go to the top of your roof and then pull away a few tiles that are closer to the gutters. This will reveal a cavity and most likely the bird inside. It is also recommended to use a butterfly net, which is often sold in toy shops. It may be handy in getting birds or small animals out of the walls. This can also be used if you are able to access the top of the house and can see the place where the pigeon is.

Learn what attracts the pigeons to your place and the things that you may use to repel them. Get rid of the water resources. If the pigeons like to take a bath on your property, make sure that you do not have standing rainwater that collects around your home and remove such a resource. When you live in a city that is congested and notice that you have a pigeon problem, you should consider using bird spikes.

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