How to remove pigeon feces from concrete

Pigeon feces are organic stains. When pigeons defecate on a concrete surface, they will be leaving feces with traces of the food they have eaten like seeds, nuts and berries. The stain will soak into the porous surface of the concrete. To return the concrete to its original state, you have to make sure that you clean the concrete carefully and that the stains have been removed. There are cleaning techniques and supplies that will make sure that you get rid of the pigeon feces successfully.

Use liquid dishwashing detergent on the area. You can then use a natural bristled scrub brush in order to loosen up the feces from the concrete and to ensure that the detergent works. Cover the soapy stain with sawdust and then let it absorb the soap and water. This is the best way to remove the soap without rinsing it into the grass. The sawdust should absorb the soap for 20 minutes and then it should be swept up with a dust pan and broom.

Treat any remaining discoloration and stains that have been left by the bird droppings using hydrogen peroxide with three drops of ammonia. Pour the ammonia and peroxide solution on the stain that refused to be removed and scrub the concrete using a scrub brush after allowing the solution to sit for a few minutes. You can then absorb the ammonia peroxide using the sawdust. Ensure that the sawdust has dried it completely.

What you need to remove the feces from the concrete is a broom and a hose. If it does not come off, then you may think about using muriatic acid. Start by spraying water at the concrete surface using the garden hose and ensure that you sprayed enough water on the surface so that the stains become damp. You can then use a stiff brush to rub the stains away and sweep them off using the push broom. If these steps do not work to get rid of the stains, you should look for help from specialized cleaning products, and the one that is commonly used is muriatic acid. You should mix the acid with four parts water. Keep in mind that the acid has to be poured in the water and not the water in the acid. You should apply the solution on the stains and then when the stain has gone, you should rinse the acid off. Since the acid is strong, it may etch your concrete.

While working with the pigeon feces and acid, you have to ensure that you have put on safety glasses and gloves.

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