Is it legal for me to trap a pigeon??

Catching a pigeon in a trap is one way to solve a problem with pigeons in your home. Pigeons are generally quite a nuisance due to all the mess they make. You can find their feathers and feces everywhere, and the feces are a real problem due to its acidic quality that will eat on everything it falls onto. They can also be carriers of diseases that can be transferred to your pets or you and your family members. It is no wonder that you want to get rid of pigeons and want to know what the best way to do it is.

First of all, the best way is to act in prevention. As soon as you notice pigeons "investigating" your home as a possible nesting destination, the best thing to do is to post some wire nets to prevent them from getting onto your balcony or attic.

Trapping is the best method to catch pigeons alive. There is always the matter of what to do with a caught pigeon, but this article is about the legality of catching a pigeon. The laws are different from one state to another, but what is certain is that it in the majority of states it is not legal to kill pigeons. On the other side, catching them in order to remove them from your home and to relocate them is something that is legal. There are different types of traps, but the best types to use are traps with one door that you should bait with seed or corn to attract the pigeon. These are large cages with just one door, which is best to attach with wire and prevent it from closing at first so that the pigeons can get used to entering it. Pigeons are fast birds, so it is important to gain their confidence by putting food in the cage for several days in a row before releasing the door. This way, pigeons will feel relaxed when entering the trap and it will be easy to catch them in the trap. Once you trap them, you have to decide what to do with them. There is not much point in trying to relocate them, because you can't go far enough to prevent them from finding their way back. Pigeons are birds with an incredibly accurate orientation sense, so they can easily find their way back from hundreds of miles away.

Now, there is an option to give trapped birds to an animal rescue society. This is probably the best option because an animal rescue society will know what to do with them; even if killing the bird is the only thing to do, they are most likely licensed to take care of the problem appropriately and in the most humane way.

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