Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work to get rid of pigeons?

High pitch sound deterrents are units that have audible and visual scare elements that are built-in. The pigeon and bird scarers work as electronic devices which produce high pitch emissions that are known as ultrasounds. The ultrasonic pigeon or bird scaring system has been introduced in the past as pest control because they use high pitched sounds that are out of the range of human hearing but in the range of the hearing of many species. Many sonic bird scaring devices do produce sounds which are audible to the human ear and they can lead to human disturbance when they are being used where humans are. The ultrasonic system may be used in different locations, and they will not cause human interference. However, some women or young people may hear the ultrasound noise and it can lead to headaches and discomfort.

There are a number of different pigeon or bird scarers that are found in the market, and this includes combo units which combine the ultrasound with different scaring techniques. They may include ultrasound with sonic sound, strobe lights and distress calls.

Regardless of the unit that will be chosen, it is good to understand that the sonic sound, predator calls, distress calls or strobe lights will be making noises which may be heard by the human ear, and it may be a nuisance for the people who hear it. The ultrasonic scaring device works using one principal, which is saturating the area where the birds roost or perch with high frequency waves which are irritating and unpleasant to birds but at the same time harmless. There are ultrasonic units which are available for internal use, including the external areas which are protected against the elements. There are also those that are not protected when it comes to being used in the open air and exposed to the elements. Some units are simple to use and can be easily installed.

However, when it comes to using these items, you should know that even if they may seem to work at the beginning, they have not been proven to give long term results. The pigeons may not go away since they can become accustomed to the ultrasound, and they will be ineffective in these cases. When they figure out that they are not getting hurt, they will ignore these devices and will continue coming back. The best way to keep the pigeons away is to ensure that your place is not that appealing to them.

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