How to inspect a house for pigeon entry holes

Pigeons come in different sizes, depending on their particular family/breed, but generally, you can expect them to get through hole that is above 2” wide. This means that you will need to thoroughly inspect your home and adjacent buildings to make sure that pigeons didn’t get into them and caused damage to them.

First location to check out is any and every chimney without a safety cap. If you had cap on chimney, make sure that it is still there and that it isn’t damaged, because this is one of pigeons’ favorite entry point. Consider the fact that removal of dead pigeon from chimney can be more pricey then installing a new cap.

Attics and other small openings should also be inspected because of the size of crack through which pigeons can crawl through. If you don’t find them in the attic or on the top balcony, you need to close entrances to attic and upper stories of the house, to make sure that all the cracks and openings are shut.

Doors and windows should be closed and inspected for any cracks on edges of them because pigeons can use these to enter as well. If door has uneven edges these can be used by pigeons to enter. Same goes for window edges-seal shut them on all corners to make sure that there are no openings that pigeons can take advantage of.

Balcony rails and edges on patios, decks and porches are other points that need to protected against pigeons. Any edge they can attach to can be considered an entry point they will use to get onto and then into your home. Consider attaching spikes against rooting that are made of metal and disable pigeons from attaching onto balcony rail, windows seal etc.

Make sure to check garden, yard and adjacent buildings for any cracks and openings that pigeons might use to enter into closed space and nest. Nesting is something you need to prevent at all cost, because this will significantly multiply your problem with these pests.

Inspection is actually just the first step one needs to take to make sure that pigeons aren’t already in your home. Once you make sure that something like that didn’t happen, you need to make following steps to prevent their entrance because their nesting will instantly follow and you really need to prevent this.

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