How to scare a mouse away

Some people consider mice to be very cute creatures until they invade their home and start raiding their food supplies. It is important to deal with a mouse infestation as soon as it starts because it may get out of hand, and then dealing with the entire issue becomes even more difficult.

Keeping your home clean may work really well. A great number of times, mice will come into your house to look for adequate food and water. If they cannot access any foodstuffs, they will probably vacate to areas where there are some supplies. Food needs to be stored in containers that are airtight and in areas where the mice will not be able to access.

Peppermint oil is also worth a try. This is a deterrent that occurs naturally. It has a very intense smell and many rodents may try to stay as far away from it as possible. Your house will get a lovely smell that isn’t toxic. You may also try growing peppermint plants around the entryways.

Snake feces that have dried up can also be used. You may obtain these from local reptile centers or zoos. Pet stores may also have them. These need to be placed near the entrances and in areas where mice love to frequent.

Ultrasonic sounds can also be used. Usually, these are electronic units that emit ultrasonic sounds that are irritating to the mice. You can access them online or at local stores. For these to work, you need to know the exact areas that the mice are using. This is a short-term solution because the mice can get accustomed to the sound and may not mind it anymore.

Commercial deterrents: there are many companies today that work hard to crate organic repellents that can work on mice. The best thing is the fact that they are safe compared to the poisons. The products have natural ingredients like peppermint and they don’t agree with mice. Even though they don’t kill the mice, they will stay away from areas of application.

Cats: a house cat could fix your mouse problem. This is a natural solution that works every time.

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