How to get mice out of your car

When you park a car in your garage or a classic car in storage, by the time you find out that there is a mouse in the car, it may be too late to prevent damage. In just 24 hours, the mouse may enter into your car and create havoc by gnawing on the insulation or wires in the car or truck. It may even decide to create its nest in an unseen spot.

To avoid cases of mice in the car, you should avoid parking the car in a place where rodent are likely to be like in tall grass or wooded areas. Remove the food sources found in or near the car and set traps inside the car so that you can catch the mice while they are entering the car.

When mice are already in the car, you may try many methods that you have been told will work. These include using aromatic bars of soap, electronic ultrasonic beepers, and mothballs or other methods. When you use any type of poison, it could result in the mice eating the poison and climbing into the car and dying there. To get rid of the mice in the car, you may try out a special snap trap or a live trap. Some mice are easy to catch while others will not walk into the trap willingly. Some mice may take only the bait without being caught. If you catch the mice alive and take them away, you may find them coming back into the car.

If you want to ensure that the mice are kept out, then use a physical barrier around your property. The mice cannot cross a fence of aluminum flushing that has been nailed using a good angle.

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