How to get rid of mice in the attic

It is not good news to have mice anywhere in your home, but the attic is probably one of the most problematic areas. Atticsare usual entry points for mice into your home, but they will also breed and live there, i.e.,grow in numbers andmake even worse damage to your home.

Mice pose a risk for people because they create serious health risks for you and for your family and can transfer dangerous diseases onto you, your children and your pets. You definitely don't want to have mice in your home! Now, the first thing one must do is to definitely determine that there are mice in the attic. How to be sure? There are certain tell-tale signs: scratching noises, especially during the evening when mice go to look for food in your home; mice droppings around the attic and around your home, wherever they move in search for food and water; and scratching and chewing marks on wiring.

Mice are primarily active during the night,which can definitely make it difficult for you and your family to sleep, which is another reason why over a certain period of time it becomes crucial to get rid of them.

Once you have determined that you have mice in your home, you need to safely close all possible entrance points, because otherwise you will never get rid of mice from the attic. Mice are very small rodents and they can take advantage of the smallest gaps and holes to enter your home. Look over every vent hole and opening, eaves, roof line, and windows in the attic. Don't stop at the attic – look over the entire house, from the basement to the roof, and find every possible crack and opening. Then safely close every one with metal and putty material. This will discourage mice from even trying to chew through it to try to get inside.

When you have safely closed all possible entrances, you should start placing traps in the attic and around your home, wherever you have noticed that mice move. There are different types of traps, but one should definitely go for snap traps. Snap traps function quickly and efficiently and will kill a mouse without causing unnecessary suffering (because the snap mechanism usually hits over the neck and quickly breaks it as the spring is very strong). There are also glue traps, but we don't recommend usage of them because this trap causes suffering of the animal – and if you find it quickly, there is always the matter of taking the mouse from the glue and removing it, which is definitely not an easy task.

There is also poison – another bad option that can cause unnecessary suffering to the animal.

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