How to get mice out of the garage

Mice like living in garages. You may have found the problem of mice in your garage and you want to reduce this problem or prevent such a problem in the future. If you have a mice dilemma, there are many ways to solve this problem.

The garage has many places where the mice may hide. The typical garage will contain summer toys, workbench tools, boxes with contents that you do not want in the house but don’t want to throw away, bicycles and more. The mice are able to climb on different surfaces; they can jump up using only one foot in the air, and they may walk around on thin ropes or wires.

The objects that are stored in a garage give the chance to the mice to sneak or climb inside and hide in the garage. Even if the garage is organized and neat, they may find enough space to make a shelter. The inside of the walls is one place where the mice in a garage may hide.

The traps can be used if you want to get rid of the mice in the garage. Because the pets and the family do use the garage more often, it is not good to use poisonous bait. Glue strips and spring traps are more commonly used in the garage.

Using a proven mice repellent and sealing off holes in the garage is the best way to ensure that you are safe from the mice in the garage since they will no longer be able to enter inside. Always make sure that any product you use is safe for the pets and family. To avoid mice around the house, eliminate any available water source and rodent food. Identify potential habitat areas and then eliminate them both outdoors and indoors. Keep the vegetation and the grass short.

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