How long does it take to remove mice in a building?

There are many factors that will be involved in how long it will take to remove the mice problems. There is no way that you can solve the problem in the correct way if you do not tackle the cause of the problem. If the house has holes the mice use to get inside, then you should start by solving this problem. Sealing the building will take time and requires experience.

When it comes to getting rid of the mice, it is not advised to use poison. This is because you can only kill half of the entire population. Others may not touch it or they may not find it. Some will only eat a small amount which is not enough for them to die. The poison is also a temporary fix, so new mice will keep coming inside after time.

If you want to kill the mice, you should start by sealing the holes which allow them into the house. The next step is to look where the mice live by identifying where there are trails, chew marks and grease marks. If you are aware of where the mice are, then it is time to set the traps to catch them. The wooden trap is known to be the best trap. You can bait it using different types of bait. You can use peanut butter or chocolate.

You can clean the mice away. The mice will not be attracted to a filthy house necessarily, but they can be attracted to the place where they can get water and food easily. If you want to keep the mice away, you have to make sure that there is no water or food accessible to the mice in any way. Using mothballs and peppermint can help to keep the mice outside.

Using traps is an effective method. Confirm all the entry and exit points where the animals can come in or leave to go outside. You should start by using the mouse traps or deterrents so that you can force the animals to go over where the trap is.

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