What if a mouse gets inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc.?

Mice can look adorable and cute, but in reality they are full of diseases and they can do considerable damage to your home. They are not known to be the best roommates! You should know that if you see one mouse, there are most likely more. Mice multiply quickly since one female can have up to 10 litters yearly. Even if you may not believe it, a mouse may burn the house down since it likes to chew on wires or anything it can find in the attic or walls. They chew to keep their teeth short or to find hidden places. If you have discovered nesting materials or mouse droppings, or if you have heard noises in the attic or in the walls, then it is possible that you have mice in your home.

When you have determined that you have mice in your home, the next thing to do is to get rid of them. The most common way that you can get rid of mice is to use bait stations, snap traps or poison pellets. The traps may be put in place around the home where there is evidence of mice like feces or chewed up food wrappers. To get the right results, it is good to use peanut butter on a cracker instead of cheese. You should check the trap on a daily basis and wear latex gloves so that you can safely get rid of the dead mouse that you have trapped. The dead mice have to be put in a plastic bag and then placed within the garbage can right away. The bait stations or the poison pellets have to be placed within the kitchen, basement, attics and cabinets or any other place that the mice are known to frequent. Prevention is important when it comes to dealing with mice so that they do not enter into the home continuously. Be aware of the perimeter of the home and then seal any holes or cracks that are found near the foundation wall so that the mice will not enter again.

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