How to get rid of mice without killing them

If you have mice around but you do not have the heart to kill them, then it is better to make sure that they leave on their own. The following are some simple ways of keeping the mice away using home remedies.

Even if the mice may like garbage, there are some sources that say that mice hate some types of smells, and this means that they will stay away when the scents are present.

Peppermint oil is recommended as a deterrent, and it is considered to be a natural solution that can repel the mice since it has a strong scent. Mice have sensitive noses and they may not like the smell. The peppermint oil can also keep insects and spiders away.

You should put cotton balls with a few drops of the oil around the home or other targeted areas where you think that there is mouse activity. Natural home remedies will involve cayenne pepper and tabasco sauce, which are helpful since they have a spicy scent.

Garlic salt may help to keep the rodents away for some time, but they can get used to them over time. You should stick to the stronger scents in case you wish to deter the mice. Garlic salts are organic and they do not harm mice.

Along with sensitive noses, the mice also have the best hearing and they are susceptible to ultrasonic waves if they are high pitched. However, an ultrasonic sound device should be used with other methods of getting rid of the mice since the mice may get used to them.

You can still use live catching mouse traps in case you do not wish to kill the mice. These traps may attract the mice using food bait. When the mouse gets inside, then the door can snap closed to capture such critters. The mouse traps are effective and they can capture individual specimens. Ensure that you deal with the infestation as soon as possible if you want to be successful in getting rid of problems before they get out of hand.

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