How to keep mice out of my garden

Mice are known to be a nuisance in the garden, and they can be a potential health threat because of the diseases that they may be carrying around. It is not unusual to have mice in a garden, and this is especially true if you have a source of food in the garden. Mice are opportunistic eaters, so they will eat the vegetables and other items in your garden.

Mice are known to eat cereal grains, but they can also be attracted to other vegetation. They eat in a small but sporadic fashion, and this can lead to contamination of your plants and it may lead to even more problems.

Using bait and traps is a common method that a gardener can use. You have to decide if this is the best option for your situation. The family pet may get injured by the traps if you are not careful. You need to always consider the safety of your pets and children. Outdoor rodent control has to start with cleanup of the property. Get rid of debris piles where mice may hide or have a nest. Rake up all the debris that may provide cover for the mice. Remove anything the rodents will see as an easy food source, like pet food or rotten fruit that has fallen from trees. When you have finished with the cleanup, you have to make sure that all mice that are already present on the property are removed, either by killing them or relocating them.

The traps come in different styles, but the snap trap is the most effective option. It is more humane than glue traps that leave mice to suffer a slow and painful death. Set the traps throughout the garden on paths that the mice are known to frequent. Another option is a live trap that will allow you to capture and relocate the mice far away from your property. You can get advice from a professional that handles mice or you can hire a pest control company to quickly solve your mouse problem for you.

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