Types of mole traps

There are different models and brands of mole traps around these days, with problem with these rodents reaching alarming dimensions. There are quality traps that are more costly and then there are cheaper copies of those more expensive ones, so it is really up to you to decide how much you want to invest in the solution for this problem.

Keep on reading to discover more about different trap models so that you can decide more easily. Tunnel mole traps are excellent choice, especially Duffus model. Tunnel traps are excellent choice because they can be used in different types of soil, even one with lots of stones, where it is impossible to use many other models. They can easily be posted underground and stones will not jam moving parts, which is important for trap functioning. If you search a bit, you will find out that majority of professionals use tunnel trap for their work, which is proof of its quality in mole capturing and removal. Tunnel traps are very sensitive when posted properly and as soon mole enters the traps and pauses for second in it, trigger in the trap will activate, spring will release and kill a mole.

Another model of mole trap is a scissor trap. It is easy to set and has simple yet effective design. Once activated, it will kill mole in a second just as a tunnel trap. Traps called Talpex traps function similarly to scissor traps, having claws instead of scissor hands. They will also kill mole right away, as previously mentioned models. They activate on mole digging.

Humane mole trap is model that doesn’t kill a mole but catches it instead, enabling you to pick up rodent and release it somewhere else, away from your property. One must question himself how humane is to release mole somewhere where there are no other moles…probably because there is no food source for this species! On the other hand, moles are territorial animal, so if you release mole on the territory of other mole, they will kill each other, making sure that there is just one in the area.

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