How to get rid of moles in yard with a fruit juicy gum

For all of you out there who love their yard perfectly maintained and do all it takes to keep the grass and all greens nice and tidy, it is a nightmare when moles come to your property. It is easy to know that mole has inhabited ground under your yard: there are ugly piles of dirt wherever mole has dug opening of one of tunnel it already created underground. It is not just that mole holes and tunnels are ugly; they also create actual danger for you and your family, because earth can collapse in the tunnel under you and you can easily strain your ankle, or even break a leg.

There are different ways to remove moles from your yard and one that is very popular is removing moles with fruit juicy gums. The reason why you want to use fruit juicy gum is that when mole eats it, it will bind its intestines which will disable normal digestive process and mole will eventually die. Lots of people have already tried this method and swear to its efficacy.

Here are steps you need to take to use this method of mole removal.

First you need to cut several pieces of juicy fruit gums into smaller squares, up to inch long.

After you cut them, you need to open hole to mole tunnels. You can do it with small shovel or spade. You need to take care that you don’t make a mess in the tunnel, because if mole becomes aware that you have messed with its tunnel, it will be vary and will not get hooked to your trap. Now, when you have neatly dug small hole, place piece of juicy fruit gum into the hole and cover the hole with dirt again. Try to be as gentle as possible, so that you don’t shut down entire tunnel with cover-up dirt. Do this on several locations in your yard, around mole dirt holes, so that your entire yard is “covered” with gums. It will be a good idea to recheck your gum-traps after a month or so and see weather moles have taken gums, because this will indicate you level of success with this method.

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