How to get rid of ground moles with dawn soap

Moles are really pesky rodents that you become aware of when they start creating those piles of dirt all over your previously beautiful yard. They dig underground and take excessive dirt outside, creating those piles of dirt-and underneath there is whole network of tunnels that can easily collapse under person’s weight or weight of a larger pet, causing wristed ankles or broken legs. Definitely, not just unsightly situation but also potentially dangerous one.

There are different methods how to get rid of moles, such as traps and repellents. Repellents are easy and quick solution that can help you get rid of moles, without the need to invest in expensive traps or hiring a professional. Additionally, natural repellents are such an often choice of many people because everyone prefers natural substances and ingredients, particularly when these are something you always have around your home. Natural repellents are harmless for environment, your family members and pets, which is especially important when your children are small and can accidentally get hold of something that should remove pests-but instead can harm children, which is definitely something you want to avoid at any cost.

One of natural repellents that people swear about is one with dawn soap. Basically, you will need to combine dawn soap and castor oil in a gallon of plain water. Mix everything well and spray around your yard and into the visible mole holes, making sure that you soak into holes particularly well. If your yard is big, it will be a good idea to spray in sections, just to be sure that you have covered entire area. Keep repeating this procedure at least once a week, for at least a month. Additionally, make sure to re-spray again in case of raining, because rain will wash away solution that is really annoying for the moles and after short period of time (month, two at most) makes them go away. Moles will stay away if you spray your yard with this mixture early ever Spring. This will make sure that moles will be very discouraged from coming to your property.

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