How to get rid of moles in yard with castor oil

Moles are something every property owner with yard fears the most. Moles destroy lovely and neat yards, creating messy dirt piles all over the yard and dangerous tunnels underground into which you or anyone else can fall in and strain ankle or sustain even more difficult injury. Definitely, moles aren’t welcoming visitors to our property and we look for different methods to get rid of them. Some of these methods are more and some less effective. There are traps and poisons but most of people don’t like to use aggressive and inhumane methods, such as poison. They feel much better when they use repellents that will motivate moles to away on their own.

Keep on reading to find out one interesting and all natural method to get rid of moles.

Natural mole repellents are effective and are very simple to make and use, because they usually involve things you always have in your home. For example, there is this repellent with castor oil.

Moles don’t like intensive scent of castor oil and will go away just not to breath in its scent. To prepare this repellent you will need one cup castor oil and 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Mix these two in gallon of liquid (water is the best). This mixture should then be sprayed around the lawn and inside the mole holes. It is also important to reapply this mixture every week for about a month (and more often if it has been raining, because rain will wash away the solution mixture). You should see some results already within two-three weeks, but keep on using this solution until you are satisfied with the result. It is good to know that this solution isn’t dangerous or toxic for environment or your family and pets.

Natural repellents are excellent choice because they are effective and don’t pose a threat for your family, pets or environment. Some other natural repellents that moles don’t like include marigold, daffodil, fritillaria, allium-these plants will definitely motivate mole to go away as fast as possible.

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