Home remedies to get rid of moles in yard

Every property owner dreads of moles. Having dirt piles all over the previously beautifully mowed lawn is a nightmare. Moles are rodents that inhabit one area and don’t go away unless you somehow manage to remove them, either with traps, poison, or some natural repellents.

Considering the fact that traps and poison are, in the end, inhumane methods because they include killing an animal, natural home remedies are usually something people address first in an effort to remove moles from their property.

There are several remedies that people around different gardening forums swear by. For example, moles don’t like smell of certain flowers, so planting beds of daffodils, marigold, fritillaria or allium will most likely discourage moles from ever inhabiting on your property.

Then, there is this classic home remedy that includes castor oil and dawn soap-ingredients we all have in our kitchen. All you need to do is to mix those two together (1 cup of castor oil and 2 tbsp of dawn soap or liquid detergent) in a bucket of water (1 gallon, approximately) and you are ready to apply this solution on your lawn. It will surely force all moles to go away within a month. In a case of rain, make sure to reapply the solution again because the rain will wash it away.

Many people have tried with complete success remedy that includes juicy fruit gums. The story says that mole will eat the gum after it finds it in its tunnel. Once eaten, gum will dissolve partially and stick its intestines, causing digestive stop which will lead to death. To try out this method, you need to cut gums in small squares carefully open mole tunnel, place pieces of gum inside and then carefully cover the tunnel with dirt. Make sure not to press ground too hard or it will collapse and close tunnel, which will instantly cause mole to stop going through that tunnel. To be more successful with this method, make sure to place gum pieces around your yard, digging mole holes on different parts of your yard.

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