Deer Prevention - How to keep deer away from a pond or stream

Even if deer can be pretty, they may be destructive and people might not want them near their garden, yard, stream or pond. There are many methods people use to keep the deer away. Human hair can be used as a deterrent, and it may repel the deer, so you should get some from a local barber or hairdresser to get the hair without paying for it. When you use hot pepper spray on plants, they will not be eaten by the deer.

You can plant the plants that deer do not like. This comes with a big caveat since when the deer is hungry; it can eat anything it has access to. These plants include bee balm, lemon balm, chives, sage, yucca, foxgloves, iris and ornamental grasses as well as plants like strawberries, raspberries, peas, beans, apples, roses, hyacinths and tulips.

You can use different deer repellents that are found in the market. You may purchase them from a garden store or from the hardware department, and you may use these products, always following their instructions. There are alternatives to use like fabric softener, garlic, bone meal, fish heads and prickly branches.

You can try deterrents that use light and noise. Many deterrents may be used in conjunction with others. There are bright sensor lights which turn on when they sense movement to scare the deer off. When it comes to the noise, you may try to use noisemakers and gas guns. Other options are firecrackers, whistles and radio noise.

You may use barriers, which include fences, invisible fishing line, and sprinklers which turn on if they are tripped. However, the fence has to be high enough since the deer are able to jump without any problem. In order to save money, you can only fence the place where there are plants that may be eaten.

To prevent the deer, you can also keep a dog since it is a natural predator, and you should make sure that deer do not have anything to eat in your garden.

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