How to Get Rid of Deer

If you have a large property and you think that you have a large number of deer, you may organize hunting to reduce the population. However, when it comes to dealing with the population of the deer, you may target adult females that are at the age of breeding.

When the deer are causing a regeneration problem in the forest, decimating fruits trees or devouring the landscape planting, then the exclusion method can be the right option. Wire fences that are at least eight feet tall will be an effective way of dealing with the deer. An electric fence may exclude the deer when it is built well and also maintained. The best part about the electric fence is that it will require less money to install. However, there are safety concerns with the need for monitoring and maintenance.

For the landscape planting or home gardens, the use of an electric fence may be combined with repellents. Snow fencing may be using to protect shrubs and gardens. Homeowners can use lightweight plastic bird netting in order to protect the individual shrubs, and the materials may be invisible at a certain distance. A number of commercial deer repellents are available in the market. The use of the repellents is not that practical on a large scale, but it can reduce the browsing on some trees or shrubs by at least 50 percent. The odor based products may be more effective compared to the taste based products. The repellents should be applied on a regular basis to offer the right protection. Since there is a need to apply the repellents often, fencing can be the best option to offer long term benefits.

Because the deer prefer a certain type of shrubs and trees, the deer damage can be minimized through choosing to plant the species which are not that favorable to the deer. The amount of damage can vary from one site to another according to some factors like weather and the availability of vegetation that the deer prefer to eat.

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