Home remedies to keep away birds and get rid of them

Birds may be entertaining to watch, but their droppings may lead to damage on buildings and it can spread diseases to animals and people. It is possible to prevent this from happening when you use humane population control and deterrents. However, before you decide on any measure, you have to know what local and national laws say about the protection status of the birds.

Using an anti roosting spike strip: you may attach the strip on the spot where the birds like perching like on the roof of the house. You can find the spikes in garden centers and hardware stores. Another option is to use a slinky toy from the toy and department stores.

You should seal off the attic: fill the gaps found between the shingles and in the siding of the house. You can seal the edge of this place where the birds may nest using either silicon caulk or cloth. You may close the space over the rafters where the pigeons are roosting and nesting using industrial bird netting.

If you want to discourage the birds from forming a nest, you should sprinkle black pepper and chili powder on the vent and on patios and balconies. They are organic deterrents that may keep the pigeons away, and they are the best solution to prevent the pigeons from creating a mess.

You can use natural repellents like black pepper on the window sill if you want to get rid of the birds.

Ultrasonic device: people can use ultrasonic waves to scare aware the pigeons, and this is a preferred method common in agricultural fields and commercial buildings.

People also use honey as a solution to ward off the birds in a natural way. The solution will ward off the birds since they hate the stickiness that comes with a honey solution.

A water hose can also make the birds keep away from the property. You have to ensure that you do not harm the birds but that you shoot the water at them gently.

Cats and dogs can also keep the birds away since the birds fear them.

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