What Should I Do If I Find a Nest of Raccoons in the Attic?

An educational guide to raccoon control and removal.

Raccoons in your attic, house, yard and space can be problematic mostly when they are in large number. The problem can also heighten when they already have nest of babies in your home or attic. So, if you find nest of raccoons in your attic that means your problem has already compounded and you need more effective approach to get the problem solved. It will be important for you to start doing something fast when you find nest of raccoons in your attic so s to avoid them occupying your attic permanently.

Find Out the Season of the Year to Know If Nest of Raccoons Already Contain Babies
If you have already found nest of raccoons in the attic the nest thing you should consider if there are babies in the nest already. The season of the year can help you guess whether raccoons in your attic already have babies in the nest. The usual nesting season is in the spring and peak mainly by March but that can still vary from one location to another due to climatic changes and weather differences.

Trap the Mother and Remove It Permanently After Removing the Babies
After finding nest of raccoons in the attic, the first thing is to look for a way to eliminate the mother before going ahead to touch the babies. Mother raccoons are always aggressive and protective to the babies. So, trying to handle the babies without killing or removing the mother can be dangerous to you. So, you can use humane trapping to catch raccoon and remove it from your attic before dealing with the babies.

If There Are Baby Raccoons Already In the Attic You Must Remove Them with Hand
There is no other way you can remove baby raccoons in your attic if not with hand. They cannot get into your trap when they have not started working around. So, you must be courageous enough to remove the animals with your hand. But, you must ensure the mother is not around while trying to carry the babies as that can result to bite.

Hire a Professional Animal Control to Help
Not everyone can be so courageous to handle raccoon nest of babies. Some can be scared or even irritated to touch the little raccoons. In such case, the best thing to do is to hire professionals that have it as their work to do. They will ensure your attic is raccoon free when you contact them.

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