How to keep raccoons out of my garbage cans

Garbage cans are one of the places that raccoons like to visit to get their food at any given time, day or night. However, this can be a nuisance as the cans are always tipped over. There are a number of things that you can do to keep these coons out of the garbage cans. The following are some ideas and tips on how to keep raccoons out of your garbage cans.

Get a quality can; it is vital to get a quality can that is impenetrable no matter what angle you look at it. Go for those that have screws or some method of securing the lid and are not totally made of plastics as these animals are known to chews such kind of materials.

Secure the Can; make it a point to secure the can at all times with an available locking system, as this will prevent the raccoons from not only tipping it over but also from knowing that there is some food inside it. If doesn’t have a lock system, you can place a relatively heavy item on the lid, such as a rock or block.

Use raccoon repellant; you can also use a raccoon repellant around the can and never have a problem with these animals. However, ensure that you make a wise choice with these products as not all are effective. You can also use ammonia inside the garbage cans and the raccoons will simply feel uninvited. The ammonia is offensive to these animals and smells so bad that they cannot dare enter the can whatsoever!

Keep in closed areas; there are quite a number of areas that you can keep your garbage cans such as your home garage. This will make it pretty difficult for the raccoons to actually accessthe cans, but you will also save on money buying raccoon repellant products.

Additional tips: In regard to keeping raccoons out of garbage cans, you can place the cans at levels that the animals will find it impossible to reach. Further, you can get a yard dog, or just seriously hose the can at all times. All these methods will work depending on the situation at hand-how serious the menace is. If you find that one method is not working for you, then try a different one. You are also advised to combine one two or three techniques as raccoons are known to be quite strong and very intelligent animals. Wild animals cannot be kept as pets. This is what our common sense tells us. However, if we think, anyone of us sees a wild animal in our premises, what should we do? Do we let them live in the property region or will try to get them out? Off course, the second option is preferable by all of us.

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