How to keep raccoons out of my bird feeder

In case, you are always putting your bird feeders in the backyard in order to attract birds around, you will stand higher risk of raccoon infestation. The reason is that raccoons love to feed on those bird feeders and when they find them around your home, they will definitely be lured to visit you. If that has been your problem and you are wondering how to keep raccoons out of your bird feeders, you should not continue to bother as this post is made to provide you all the information you need to that respect. You will learn the best and most effective way to keep raccoons completely out through this post.

Remove the Attractants from the Environments Where the Bird Feeders Are Kept
When you see raccoon coming after your bird feeders, there are some things around that made the environment attractive to it in the first places. So, if you know that your surrounding is littered with dirt and other rubbish things around, the best thing to do is to ensure that you remove those things so as to make the area less attractive to the animal. Getting rid of these things will help you to worry less about raccoons coming after your bird feeder.

Put the Bird Feeders Higher Than Before
You know that birds fly and raccoons do not, so putting the bird feeders higher than before will not make it less attractive to birds but can only discourage raccoons from gaining access to it. That is the reason why you have to try as much as you can to use a taller pole to put the bird feeders higher than before to make raccoons not being able to get to it.

Use Repellent to Keep Raccoons Out Of Your Bird Feeders
There are several kinds of repellents in the market you can use to keep raccoons completely out of your bird feeders. You can buy predator urine to make raccoons believe that the predators are around to attack them. That will definitely discourage them from coming anywhere closer to your bird feeders.

Always Remove the Bird Feeders during the Night
Birds are always asleep at night and will not likely be around to feed on the feeders you presented to them. So, you can remove the bird feeders at night to avoid attracting raccoons rather than birds. When raccoons check around without finding bird feeders around they will go away without coming back.

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