How to keep wild animals out of your house

Human-wildlife conflict will always be present because man has encroached on most of the areas that animals used to inhabit, and there are those animals that will find it more comfortable living in your home.

What brings the wild to your home?

• Food – this is the number one cause. When you have food in abundance for the wildlife, they have no choice but to come nearer to their source of food. It is important to cover all food remains be it for humans or for your pets. Your garbage should also be kept out of reach of the wild animals.

• Looking for shelter – your home provides adequate shelter for the wild animal.

• Breeding place – the wild will come to your place looking for a place to breed and bring up their young ones. This is because mostly the home is safe and secure, especially for animals with young ones.

Preventing wild animals from your house

The first important thing that you ought to do is find out where the animals want to make a home. Then determine the best way to deter them. In most cases you will have to seal all the holes and cover areas such as chimneys and manholes with necessary animal-proof materials. Secure your garbage from animals as most invade homes looking for food. Once they have nothing to eat, they will not bother you anymore.

Protect your garden and ponds

Animals such as raccoons love water foods such as fish, clams, and crawdads. Make sure you protect water sources and gardens so that they are not accessible to these wild animals; this can be easily achieved by fencing.

Do not trap wildlife

In case you find some openings and you want to seal them off, ensure there is no wildlife on the inside. This should be done by checking thoroughly or by providing animal escape traps. Once you are sure there are no trapped animals, you can then proceed to seal all holes. If you have a serious infestation, you can consider consulting a wild animal removal expert. Not everyone is comfortable handling wild animals. The expert should be able to catch and relocate the wild animals in your home.

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