What kind of damage do wild animals cause in an attic?

Wild animals are constant unwanted visitors in human homes because it offers them the promise of a nest and food. A house is full of dark nooks and crannies that are perfect for small wild animals who are looking for a place to build their nests, have their young and find food, without the dangers that the great wide world poses for them in terms of predators, harsh weather and other unknown dangers.

One of the best places for wild animals to settle down in is the attic. It is a dark, dry place, often without draughts, full of discarded things that are perfect for their nests, and they are mainly let undisturbed. This may seem an animal lovers dream, but the truth is that wild animals belong in the wild, and having a family of them living in the attic can mean a number of problems like bad odors, disease and, of course, hundreds of dollars’ worth of damages to your home.

Obviously not all animals cause damage, but many do. Rodents and bats are especially good and creating a big mess. Not only from the droppings, which will signify replacing the insulation and hiring a team to disinfect the whole room, but rats, mice and squirrels will chew through almost anything. Wiring, insulation, wood, and even piping are at risk of being gnawed away at to provide nesting materials, and anything made out of fabric, cotton, wool or even leather, that you have stored up in the attic will be targeted by the small invaders.

Bats in the attic will provide an additional problem of grease stains. Bats have waterproof coats, and their wings are covered in a greasy substance that gives them that shiny, even slimy look. Their constant coming and going will leave small brown grease stains from where their wings rub against the window pane or wall.

Another big problem with animals living in your attic is that since they obviously came in from the outside, there is also a hole somewhere in your attic that may lead to more animals coming in uninvited, leading to a real wildlife invasion.

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