How to Get Wild Animals Out of the Chimney

It is imperative to be quite careful with any wild animals you come across, however cute they might look. This is because you can never know how they will react, especially if you have never dealt with them before. It does not matter whether the wild animals look threatening or weak, you must refrain from handling them with your bare hands. In this way, you avoid contracting a disease, getting bit or hurting yourself.

From time to time wild animals get stuck in chimneys, and this can be a recipe for chaos. You will need to find a way to get rid of them.

Top Reasons Why Animals Get Stuck

There are quite a number of reasons why animals get stuck inthe different kinds of chimneys found on our homes.

• Top of the list is that they get stuck there while looking for a safe haven to make their home.

• The second most common reason is that they are looking for a good place where they can breed and raise their young ones. Basically, they need a place that is devoid of harsh weather conditions, especially during winter when climatic conditions are quite unfavorable.

What are some examples of animals that get stuck in chimneys?

There are a wide variety of animals that get stuck in chimneys, and the most common ones include: raccoons, squirrels, owls, and bats. The others that you might find in the chimney include sparrows, mice, starlings, andwood ducks. You should understand that these small animals, especially rodents, do not deliberately make your chimney their home, but they actually confuse it with a hole in a tree. As such, they end up jumping into the hole but then are not able to come out.

Methods you can use to get rid of the animals

It is important to note that you can get rid of these animals using different methods. However, take note that some methods will work only on specific animals and not others. This being said, the most common technique is to make a high pitched noise to scare the animals away and do it in close proximity with the chimney. You can also cap the chimney and prevent any animals from entering. However, refrain from lighting fires and using smoke as this might end up being disastrous and deadly for the animal.

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