What are some ways to kill a wild animal in the yard?

A rodent infestation in the home or any premises is always a nuisance, and it can also be a health hazard to those living there. Wild animals can also be dangerous to the pets we keep. It is thus important to eliminate them whenever they become a threat to human life, pets and property.

Elimination by killing

One of the places that wildlife frequents is the yard. One of the reason they visit the yards is that they will be looking for food. They can be quite troublesome because they will end up digging holes and chewing on any plant matter available. At such times, people will resort to killing the culprit wildlife.

Some of the animals that destroy yards are:

• Raccoons
• Squirrels
• Skunks
• Moles

Is it legal to kill?

Whether it is legal or illegal to kill a wild animal depends on the laws set in your state and the animal in question. Before you think of killing the nuisance animals, check what the law says in your area. In this way, you will be on the safe side.

Using spring traps

Killing the rodents may never be completely humane, but you can take steps to cause less suffering. One of the ways is setting spring traps. They are very efficient and they kill instantly. From there you will be able to dispose of the animal in the right manner.

Killing with blunt force

This is where you apply blunt force trauma to the head of an animal. This is usually used when you have a live trapped animal. This method should be used when you are sure you will kill the animal in one hit. It is good for small animals such as rodents.


Shooting is another good way of getting rid of troublesome wildlife. Again you need to check with the law to see if it is allowed in your area. It is efficient for large animals. The important thing is that you should be able to make a kill with a single shot. Make sure the shooting environment is safe so as not to affect other animals or people.

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