What to Do About a Wild Animal on the Roof

Whether you are living in a suburban area or near the country, you may occasionally encounter the problem of a wild animal getting on your roof. Although most roofs are built with extremely durable material that can withstand almost anything, some animals with especially sharp claws, like raccoons, cats, foxes or squirrels, can cause considerable damage to a roof, and even gain access to the roof space inside.

If you see that an animal is stuck up on your roof, the best thing is to try to lure it down. Most animals are great at climbing up, but sometimes get too scared to climb down, the basic principle of having to call the firemen to help get your cat down from the tree. If so, simply giving the animal an easy way down can sometimes do the trick; a wooden plank, a rope or a ladder can often be the quickest solution. If the animal is too scared, you may have to climb up there yourself and carry it down. This must be done using protective gloves, thick clothing and preferably a face mask.

Once down, the animal will most likely run away into the nearest wooded area or up the closest tree. There is no need to harm the animal, it will be scared and seeking shelter, so the best thing to do is let it go freely to where it feels safe. If the animal is injured, wrap it in a blanket, put it in a cardboard box and take it to the nearest vet.

Birds are the most common animal to see on a roof. They do not generally cause any harm to your roof, as they are too light and small to be of significant risk, but they can leave droppings, feathers, broken egg shells and seeds, that later lead to stains on your roof that your neighbors will be sure to notice. Installing a roof ornament on the ridge is the simplest way to deal with it, as it will effectively scare off the birds and avoid the droppings problem altogether.

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