Will repellents get a wild animal out of the attic?

Given a chance, most wild animals will make a home in the attic of a building or home. This is because of the warmth and security that is provided to the animal by such enclosure. There may also be a lot of food for the animal encouraging it to hang around.

Why do wild animals come to homes?

• The wild animals will be attracted by favorable surroundings of your home.
• The females can use your attic for breeding because it is warm and dry.
• The attic is secure and they will be able to care for their young ones without much worry.

Do repellents work?

Many people are misled to believe that repellents are good for keeping away wild animals. There are some repellents that will work for a few days before the animals get used to them and continue invading and causing havoc in your home. Some of the repellents that you will find in the stores include mothballs, ammonia, bright lights, and ultrasonic sounds, to mention but a few. There is a lot of research that has been done on the effectiveness of the various repellants, but there is no hard evidence to support that they do actually work or are effective.

Raccoon eviction fluid

However, raccoon eviction fluid has been known to work when it comes to evicting the female raccoons. The eviction fluid is a solution created from male raccoon urine and gland secretions. When the paste or liquid is applied, the female raccoons get the false feeling of the presence of male ones. The male raccoons pose a very serious threat to young raccoons. When the female picks up the scent of the male raccoon inside the attic, she will feel threatened and move out.

What to do

The best method of prevention is to ensure that wild animals do not get access to your place. This is done by sealing all the entry points that might be within your attic. Ensure that you do not leave food particles where the wild animals can come for them. Cover all the vents that might be used by the wild animals. Always remember the wild animals can cause a health hazard to your family and also your pets.

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