Will a pest control company remove a wild animal?

Almost every home owner has to deal with pest invasions and it can be a tricky business getting rid of unwanted animal visitors in a house. While some people like to try their hand at pest extermination themselves, others prefer to call a pest control company and leave the dirty business to the professionals.

A pest control company does exactly that, control, catch and remove PESTS. So, animals like rats, mice, bats or raccoons are probably included in the list of pests that any common pest control company can help you with. Some will cover snakes, squirrels and pigeons, but will keep away from bigger wild animals like foxes, coyotes or deer.

For these kinds of more exotic visitors, you will need to find an animal removal company that specialized in capturing, removing and freeing them while guaranteeing the animal’s and the handlers safety. Some animal sanctuaries offer help removing lost deer, injured coyotes or foxes or overly friendly skunks.

But some pest control companies will try their hand at retrieving small animals like opossums, raccoons, hedgehogs, birds, or snakes. Although potentially dangerous creatures, their size and proper knowledge can generally guarantee a smooth retrieval.

Some pests need to be exterminated, like mice or rats, because they bring disease, filth and bad odors to a home. But wild animals like opossums, snakes and foxes are actually very useful in keeping the natural balance of the food chain and should not be killed, rather captured and safely liberated back into the wild in a safe area far from human habitation.

Feral cats and dogs will usually be taken care of by the city or county animal control services, but you should know that these animals are generally taken to pounds to be euthanized.

If you have a wild animal problem in your home, the best thing to do is call a pest control company and tell them exactly what animal you have in your home. Even if they are not qualified or licensed to retrieve it, they will probably be able to give you the number of someone who can.

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