Will a wild animal in the attic have a nest of babies?

Whenever there are wild animals in the attic, chances are very high that they will have nests. This is because they find the attic very safe for breeding and bringing up their young ones. There are specific types of wild animals that really love to create their nests in attics of homes and buildings. Different wild animal species will have a varying number of young ones at a given time. In most countries the peak season for nesting is the spring, so the young ones will be noted a week or so after the start of spring. It is important to note that the nesting season usually varies depending on the area and the conditions that are prevailing regardless of the animal species in question.

Some of the animals that will build nests

• Raccoons
• Mice
• Rats
• Bats
• Squirrels
• Opossums

Check for nests

Therefore, if you realize that there are wild animals inside your attic, it better to carry out a physical inspection for the nests. Once you see the nest, check carefully to see if there are some young ones.

Decide the course of action

After finding a nest with young ones, you need to decide the right course of action. And always remember that this has to be the most humane way possible. The eviction method will now include the mother and the young ones. The tricky part will be catching the mother safely.

Relocate the wild animal

The first thing you can do is locate a safe place you will relocate the wild animal in your attic. After trapping the mother, you need to relocate it to the safe place in the wild where you are sure the young ones will survive.

Seal all entry points

After you have successfully relocated the nuisance wild animals, you need to check out all the entry points and have them sealed. Make sure that you do not leave food and other things that attract the wild animals uncovered. You can chase those animals that you might see trying to come near your home. This will make them know that they are not welcome. Keep checking the attic regularly so as not to wait until it is too late.

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