Is a wild animal that is active during the daytime rabid?

Some people may think that seeing an animal outside during the day can mean that it is a rabid animal, especially if the animal is a nocturnal animal. So if they find an animal out in the day, it may mean that there is something wrong with it.

Even if the rabid animal may have unusual behavior, the activity of an animal during the daytime will not mean that the animal is rabid. Even nocturnal animals may have to do things in the day. It will not be unusual to see an animal that will be active during the day. It is not possible for an animal to sleep entirely starting from the dawn up to dusk without getting involved in any activity. The animal may decide to go off so that it can find a drink or food. This is especially true with nursing animals when they have babies that have to feed and the animal needs to eat extra to get enough milk to nurse the babies.

A rabid animal will look sick and it may act lethargic. Their walk will be look erratic and their legs may look as if they have been paralyzed. They can walk in circles or they may fall over in an unnatural and lurching manner. This means that they will look completely sick. If the animal that you see outside is alert and agile, and if it is foraging or running in a coordinated and smooth manner, then this means that the animal is safe and it does not suffer from rabies. However, you should keep away from any wild animal you see outside.

Whenever you see a wild animal, regardless of the time, you should not approach it or engage with it. When an animal is out during the day, it does not have to be a cause for alarm. You may find many reasons why a nocturnal animal is active in the day like if the food is scarce and hard to find. Some nocturnal animals can be adaptable and they can change to look for food during the day.

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