Can babies of wild animals be cute?

Sometime, the faces of wild animal babies cannot be loved by anyone else but the mother; however, others are not loved by anyone since they will have to live on their own as soon as they are born. Some other animals are very cute by design to attract their mother’s attention.

Why animal babies look cute

As reported through research, it is believed that animals that need to get parental care to survive look cute, but this does not apply if the animals can live alone as babies. Self-sufficient babies do not look cute like those that have to get parental care. Most people will want to hold or pet animals which require care and avoid those that should not get the care.

What people find cute in animal babies

Babies can be born with some traits which people may think are cute. However, the babies will not always be born looking cute. Some have heads which look enormous and limbs which do not have any coordination with rounded and small bodies. However, such traits can last for a short time until the babies do not need the help of the parents to live.

Behavior of animal babies

Animal babies will act like human babies when it comes to behavior such as being clumsy, playful and fragile. They will also be innocent. They will stay with their mothers because of their survival instinct, and this is said to be love. The infantile behavior gets interpreted as vulnerability, and this is why people will offer them affection.

Why parents care more for their babies

Parents are known to think that their own babies are cutest when compared with others. The reason for this is an inherent animal instinct to preserve their own lineage and DNA. The focus of these humans is the same as that of other mammalian babies. The human babies are given attention since they look cute and they will also need help in everything they do. It is similar to the animals that look cute since they require the guidance and help of the parents.

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