How do you know if you have a wild animal in your attic?

It is always easy to tell if you have wild animals in your attic if you are keen on what is happening around you. Wild animals or pests may find their way into your attic at some point. This is because they are always looking for safer places to make homes and a reliable source of food.

This is how you detect wild animals in your home

• Noises – the noises could be loud and distinct or sometimes indistinct. The noises you will hear will be cries made by the specific animal, scampering when they are running to hide, walking, and gnawing when they are chewing on your items, among others.
• Visual – sometimes you might be lucky and see the actual culprit.
• Smell – some wild animals will give out some foul smell from their bodies, urine and feces.
• Droppings – in an infected attic, you will not fail to notice droppings and patches of urine. These will eventually discolor the affected parts of your attic.
• Destruction – it is possible to tell you have some wild animals in your attic by encountering the damages to your attic.

The best way to detect these nuisance animals

The best way to detect when these nuisance animals invade your territory is by being vigilant always. Regularly checking the attic will help you detect the animals before they start causing havoc in your home. Also remember to keep checking the outside of the attic for things like holes, broken glass or such areas that the animals can use to gain entry. Look for footprints or a path because sometimes the animals might be coming in and going out regularly.

Identify the animal

If you happen to know that there is an animal in your attic, the next thing you should do is identify what kind it is. Identification can be done visually if you are lucky enough to see the animal. If not, listen to the noises being made. Check around for the feces, and check the damage being caused. You can also check if there are some nests.

Deal with the animal

After you identify the animal in the attic, the next step is to deal with it using the most humane method. If you cannot handle it yourself, call the experts to do their work.

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