Why do rats exist?

Rats, like other animals, play a vital role in the food chain and making sure that there is a balance in many aspects. Rats are found in all the world continents without an exception of Antarctica and some of the islands. These rodents are able to adapt to different habitats and that could be the reason as to why they thrive so well in different settings. Regardless of the nuisance created, they are still very important.

Rats are scavengers and so they help in the decomposition process. By taking away dead things and feeding on them, they speed up the rate of decomposition and this is quite helpful to the ecosystem.

There are also birds of prey that feed on rats. Birds such as owls, eagles, and hawks feed on rats among other small creatures. Some of these birds are actually endangered species and without food, they would definitely become extinct and this would lead to a very large gap in the food chain.

The other thing that you may already know about rats is the fact that they do carry and transmit different diseases and parasites. It is not a very nice role but such diseases help in checking that population doesn’t go too high in certain areas especially the overpopulated ones. If population grows without being checked, then natural resources would be devastated and this would then cause yet another collapse in the food chain.

Apart from the birds, there are many other animals that feed ion rats to some certain extent. This includes fish, mammals, amphibians and also reptiles. There are parts of the world where humans find rats a delicacy and they have been known to hunt them for food.

Rats have also been known for their role of spreading seeds as well as the growth of some new trees. Dispersal of seeds ensures that weal ways have that much needed vegetation cover. Sometimes, the seeds are stored away for winter and if not consumed, they eventually sprout.

It is important to appreciate rats and the role that they do play in our lives regardless of how much we loathe them. However, regardless of how important they are, it is still advisable to make sure that they stay away from our homes for the sake of health and peace of mind.

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