Why do armadillos dig?

Armadillos have phalanges at the front that look like claws and they help them in digging holes. Armadillos like to dig holes many places. It can be under tree bases, houses and porches. Armadillos like to feed on tiny invertebrates, fruits and small insects. They get small invertebrates and insects from the soil, and the more nutritious ones are those that are found deeper in the soil. These holes may become destructive when they are dug in a large area or if there are many armadillos in the area.

There are reasons why armadillos dig these holes:

To get food: Small invertebrates and insects live underground. Insects choose to live in soils with substances that may sustain them. Some of these insects or invertebrates are bugs, termites, ants and earthworms. They live on the nutrients that are found within the soil. These nutrients may be found in plants. Armadillos look for these insects where they are found deeper in the ground, so the armadillos will have to dig deeper to reach such insects. Armadillos also feed on the fruits which grow under the surface.

Hiding from the enemies: Armadillos have many predators. Their predators include coyotes and bobcats. They can remove the hard shell that armadillos have and they will eat the flesh. This is why armadillos should have a place where they can hide away from these predators. Dogs also chase armadillos when they find them. Armadillos will dig a deep hole where a coyote or bobcat cannot reach them.

Making a shelter: Armadillos need a place where they can live, and they like to live in holes. If there are many armadillos in one place, it also translates to many holes.

Establishing a good environment for their babies: When an armadillo is ready to have babies, it will look in the place where there is favorable climatic and weather conditions, and they will dig a hole in that chosen place.

Creating a pathway: Armadillos like to go through a hole to enter or exit a certain place. This helps armadillos to stay hidden from humans and predators. They will use these holes until someone finds them and fills them.

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