Where do groundhogs live? Do more groundhogs live in urban areas, or wild areas?

Groundhogs build their dens under the ground, and this is where they spend their life. They will build their home in the area where there is enough food for them, and if they are mothers this also includes food for their offspring. This means that they will make their dens near your garden, where there are lots of vegetables, they will make a den in meadows and near cornfields-all these locations are attractive for groundhogs because there is lots of food nearby.

Groundhogs will often make den around human homes, because porches, low vents and sheds are accessible and good basis for den entrance. On the other hand, the fact that human neighborhoods spread quickly, this means that groundhogs don't have much possibility to stay too much away from people. Additionally, the fact that there is lots of food around people also motivates groundhogs to stay close.

Groundhogs create their dens simply by digging through the ground and creating tunnels. Groundhogs choose area where ground is without stones, i.e. easy to dig around. They will also avoid grounds where there is lots of moisture, such as swamps, because they like to have their homes warm and dry. Groundhog den will be in a close vicinity to food source (corn field or garden). Den most often has two entrances or exits, because they like to have that feeling of extra security, i.e. that they can easily run away in a case of emergency. Primary entrance isn't hidden and can easily be located, because there is lots of ground around the hole. Groundhog will often come out, stand on that pile of dirt, observe surroundings and spend time in warm sunshine and enjoy. On the other hand, secondary entrance/exit is much more covered, hidden, because groundhog wants to have that entrance/exit for the emergency situation. This entrance will be covered with the leaves or grass. Additionally, if main entrance doesn't have fresh dirt around it, if grass is already growing near that hole, this most likely means that groundhog has left that den and doesn't use it anymore, for any reason.

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