Where do coyotes live? Do more coyotes live in urban areas or wild areas?

It is important to note that coyotes can live both in the wild areas as well as urban areas. Initially, they used to only inhabit the wild, but the past few decades have seen a change in this trend and so many have come to urban areas. There are several reasons as to why this happened, but the most common is the search of food – and so humans must learn to live with their new neighbors. As such, learning more of their traits is quite important so that you do not irritate these animals and also maintain healthy pets in your home.

The coyotes in the wild like to live in grasslands where they can hunt antelopes, elk, bison, deer, and anything in this range. It is equally important to note that some tend to make semi-deserts their home where they can hunt for snakes, lizards, kangaroo, and rats. As a matter of fact, they will always live where there is enough water and they are not in direct competition with so many animals. This is something that they have perfected over a period of time. In the case of a lack of food and water, coyotes will tend to migrate to other areas, and this is probably why you see them in many urban areas.

The urban coyotes are quite unique creatures because of the behaviors they seem to exhibit and how they have adapted to their new environment. For instance, they are able to create territories based on green spaces and parks. It’s pretty difficult to find coyote dens in urban areas; they are pretty good at hiding them. In fact, most will have several entry and exit points. The coyotes will try to seek out natural caves and avoid residential areas. While some will live in packs, other urban coyotes will prefer to live solitary lives.

Urban coyotes are usually monogamous and tend to mate for their entire life. As stated, coyotes can live in both urban areas and the wild – and the population will solely depend on prevailing variable factors that dictate their lifestyle.

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