What attracts rats?

Rats are not free spirits and they do not always follow where the winds take them. They usually take a route only when there is a motive to do so, typically shelter or food. There are some layouts or environments that are more attractive to rats. If your house is appealing to them, it may lead to infestation. The rats are climbers, acrobats and contortionists. They are able to land, leap and squeeze into a tight spot.

The rats could be attracted to your place because of unsecured trash receptacles, left out food and pet foods. The rats are not picky eaters, which means that they can be attracted by anything edible, even if it is cold, dirty, mangled or raw. To avoid rat problems, you have to make sure that you properly clean the area where the food is being prepared, cooked and consumed. This means sweeping, vacuuming, wiping down the tables and removing any crumbs and small food particles which may be a feast to the rats. Make sure that you wash the dishes after each meal or at least once daily to ensure that there is no morsel that the rats can find. Dry food, pet food and food waste have to be kept in secured containers where the rats will not have access. When your pet does not finish off their food, you should put the leftovers in a tight container and do not put them outside during the night.

Vegetables and ripe fruits in the garden or lawn can be an attraction to the rats and can lead to rodent infestation. Ripe fruits may fall from the trees and the garden may have vegetables which were not harvested well. The rats will nest in crawlspaces and in the attic, and they will go feast on these fruits daily. It is good to tend to the garden and collect the ripened produce regularly. A bird feeder may leave seeds on the ground, and it should be put up in an area where it will not be easy to swipe at them.

Cluttered spaces and unkempt lawns can also turn into heaven for the rats. Rats are skittish and they like cluttered lawns or environments with tall weeds or grass, which is the ideal nesting place. The rats may live in these places unseen for a long period, and when they are comfortable, they have no motive to leave. Animals as well as humans have started living together since the dawn of time. There has been increased contact between wild animals in addition to people in the more recent times due to humans’ broad development and encroachment on the natural habitats of several animals. This means it is more general for people to find wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, and deer on their property. Wild animals are notorious to be quite caustic and can carry dangerous diseases that can pose a risk to humans.

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