What attracts opossums?

Opossums are known to be pests, but they can eat small rodents and slugs which cause real problems in gardens. Possums are known for their intelligence and agility. As with other wildlife, the natural habitat of the possum has been lost because of development and agriculture. Now they decide to go into homes or private properties where they can nest or find food.

The possum will be attracted by any food that they can find on the ground. Possums are omnivores and they can eat treats like cat kibble, vegetables and fruits. Opossums may also be attracted by junk food.

Opossums eat carrion, mice, rats, worms, snails and insects on a regular basis. They are able to keep gardens free of such pests. Opossums are non-destructive and non-aggressive. They do not dig up the lawn, chew on wires or wood or make burrows. They will not attack anything which is not their food source and does not threaten them. The opossum can prey on rabbits, rodents and birds.

To keep opossums from your place, you should eliminate food sources. Make sure that the garbage can is kept covered and you should bring in the pet food during the night. If you have a fruit tree, the fallen fruit may attract these opossums. If the opossums are attracted by the bird feeder, you may need to stop feeding the birds for a few weeks. The opossums are also attracted to the compost pile, so you should cover it securely. Opossums like hiding places like brush or shrubbery, so you should ensure that your place is not that inviting. Make sure that the yard is lit well during the night. You have to do this for some time to make the opossum decide that your property is not that attractive to them since they are nocturnal and they like the darkness. The opossum may come to your place if it is easily accessible like when there is fence or there is a path they can use. It is easy to block such routes. Barriers can include branches or small fences which make it hard to enter your property.

Cover any abandoned burrows and dens since the opossum like to live in abandoned burrows that were made by other animals. The opossum may also nest in a hole in a tree, so if you see any type of hole in your trees, make sure that it is covered as soon as possible before the opossum makes it its home.

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