Venomous snake vs poisonous snake

Wildlife and humans have coexisted since the dawn of time. There has been increased interaction between wild animals and people in the more recent times due to humans’ extensive development and encroachment on the natural habitats of numerous animals. This means it is more common for people to find wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, and deer on their property. Wild animals are known to be quite destructive and can carry dangerous diseases that can pose a risk to humans.

When it comes to using either venomous snake or poisonous snake, the right term to use is venomous snake. The toxin is the substance which can be harmful to the body. When it comes to venom or poison, what matters is the type of the delivery used. When the toxin has been actively injected using fangs, then it is venom, while if the toxin is absorbed by the skin or ingested, then it is poison. The right term to use is venomous snake because they do inject the toxins within the body using their fangs. Even though most toxins can be classified as poison, the venom is specific since it contains active peptide toxins and includes protease. They bond on the tissue while they destroy the neurotoxins that disable the signaling of the nervous system. If you eat a venomous snake and the toxin harms you, then it can be said that it was a poison rather than venom. However, the digestive system and stomach may neutralize most of the toxicity of such a substance.

Venom is a poison which is released by animals and injected in another animal or person. This can happen when the animal is hunting down prey or defending themselves. A type of venom can be defined according to the animal that releases it. When it comes to venom, snakes are the first animals that come to mind. Venomous snakes may be categorized into three types: hemotoxic, cytotoxic and neurotoxic.

The most dangerous type of venom is hemotoxic because it will damage the red blood cells. It may lead to hemotoxins when it enters the body and the venom will start to destroy the blood cells found in the body. It can also damage anti-clotting abilities within the blood. Without quick medical attention, this venom may lead to death. This venom causes a slower death compared to other types of venom depending on the location of the bite on the body. It may also lead to nausea, headaches and disorientation. Most snakes that are venomous have heart shaped heads, and this is why people are told to stay away from these snakes. Normally, it is impossible to know if the snake is poisonous or not by looking at it. The most deadly snakes are different from the most dangerous. The snakes that have the most toxic venom do not bite humans easily while the most dangerous are the snakes that bite easily and have a record of killing the most people.

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