What to do about a trap-shy rat

It is almost impossible to chase and catch rats given their speedy feet. A much more practical solution is trapping them. Many people choose to hire professionals to handle the rat problem by sealing off entry points and exterminating the rats. People who decide to take matters in their own hands may purchase traps to take care of the problem, but they still might have difficulties dealing with trap-shy rats.

How to deal with trap-shy rats

One method often used by wildlife removal services is to set as many traps as you can. However, you should put the bait inside the traps for a few days before you actually set it. This will get the rats accustomed to the smell and give them a chance to test the food. This way, the chance to catch the rats is higher.

When rats are trap-shy, it can be very frustrating to the homeowner. When setting the traps, people hope that they will work quickly and they will be able to move on from the situation. When the traps fail, people can feel overwhelmed and they become wary. This is why animal control companies offer to take care of the problem for you.One fact you can consider is that trap-shy rats tend not to show up in visible locations. You have to try to trap them in locations they don’t expect, not out in the open.

Many experts recommend learning the rats’ routine, for instance, getting familiar with where they tend to defecate. Look for clues as to where they actually wander inside your house. It may take some effort, but it will be worth it when you are able to trap even the trap-shy rats.

It takes special skills

When trying to catch trap-shy rats, it takes skills because they are not very easy to catch. They are very sensitive and they avoid new objects until they get used to their presence. They are also intelligent and live in groups. When trying to use traps with these types of rodents, it is best to leave it to the pros.

One company suggests that you place traps right in front of food leftovers or trash. Setting these traps in ideal places will help to kill more rats faster. You will need to experiment with the best places to set the traps in order to catch even the trap-shy rats.

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